London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Paddington 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Paddington]

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REPORT, 1890-91.

One Week's supply per Horse.Tendera Accepted.
May, 1890.July, 1890.February, 1891.
1¼ Trusses of Straw, per truss@ 010.66=11.32@ 011= 11.75@ 010.33= 10.91
1 Truss of Hay, per truss@ 1113.3=111.33@ 21=21@ 110.50= 110.50
2 Trusses of Clover, per truss@ 22.5=44.10@ 25.83=411.66@ 25-.6=410.32
3¼ Bushels of Oats, per bushel@ 23.37=74.95@ 22.62=72.51@ 23=73.75
¼ Bushel of Bran, per cwt@ 03.65=01.82@ 07.12=03.56@ 08.81=04.40
Cost per horse per week1411.52158.48155.88

Paddington Green and St. Mary's Old Churchyards.
These gardens have not been patronized so much
this year by the children living in the Hall Park
district, owing to the entrance at the N.W. end being
closed. This is much to be regretted, as the grounds
were a great boon to them. It is, however, gratifying
to find that steps are now being taken to obtain an
opening, and which it is hoped will be of a permanent
The following list of Tables, Details, and Accounts
accompanying this Report (see Appendix), will furnish
interesting information connected with the several