London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Paddington 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Paddington]

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XXL — Open Spaces — Paddington Recreation
The visit of the Prince and Princess of Wales to
the Paddington Recreation Ground, on the 9th July,
1890, was referred to in the Annual Report for last
year (pages 132-135).
On the 15th July, 1890, upon the Motion of
Mr. T. G. Fardell, a Special Committee was
appointed to consider and report whether it would
bo advisable for the Vestry to take any steps towards
assisting the Recreation Ground Committee in
securing the vacant land in Portsdown Road for the
use of the Parish. A Conference took place between
the two Committees, and on the 25th November,
1890 (page 341 V. M.) a report was presented to
the Vestry containing full particulars of the scheme
for the purchase of the Ground in question, and
submitting recommendations which were amended
and adopted as follow:—
" Resolved—1. That the Vestry hereby agrees to
co-operate with the Paddington Recreation Ground
Committee for the purpose of securing to the public
for ever the Ground known as the Paddington
Recreation Ground, consisting of nearly 21 acres, as
shown on the plan submitted with the Report of the
Vestry Special Committee, and that it be referred
to the said Special Committee to give effect to this
resolution, subject to the following conditions:—
" (a.) That when one-half of the cost of acquiring
the land shewn on appended plan, measuring nearly

Eleven Special Committees have been appointed during the year, and have held meetings as follow:—

Committees.No. of Meetings.
Annual Reports Committee4
Electric Lighting Committee7
Recreation Ground Committee9
Address to Prince of Wales Committee15
Special Committee re Cuthbert Street13
Manure and Dust Removal1
Public Health Bill2
Salaries and Emoluments1
Westbourne Terrace Drainage4
Joint Committee re Siggers1
Joint Committee Parliamentary Schemes4