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Paddington 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Paddington]

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REPORT, 1890-91.

Narnes and Description of the Persons in whom the Property is Vested.Present Annual Income of the Property.Mode of Distribution.
The Charity CommissionersNone £190 £10 10s. 4d.To be held for use of such Schools. £50 per Annum to the Treasurer of the Girls' and Infants' Schools in St. Mary's, Paddington, in aid of such Schools, so long as such payment does not cause a reduction in or disallowance of, any Government grant in aid of elementary education; should it do so the Trustees are to he at liberty to apply to the Judge in Chambers, or to the Charity Commissioners, as to the disposition of the said £50 per annum Three Pensions of £12 per annum and Eleven Pensions of £10 per annum to decayed Inhabitants of the age of 65 or upwards, who shall have resided for the space of 15 years in this Parish, and shall not have been in receipt of relief from Poor's Rates
The Charity Commissioners£299 11s. 1d. (paid in the first instance to the Trustees of the Almshouse Charity)Distributed amongst such or so many poor women (not being married at the time of the receipt thereof) above sixty years of age, resident in Paddington, and in such sums and proportions, not being more than £20 per annum, and not less than £10 per annum, for such persons as the Trustees shall in their discretion think fit and proper
The Charity Commissioners£165 9s. 8d.By the Scheme approved by the Master of the Rolls on the 22nd day of June, 1872, the Trustees are to apply the sum of £5 per annum in keeping in repair the tablets, tombstones, and gravestones of Marion Mayne and others; to pay the Vestry of the Parish of Paddington the sum of £35 per annum towards the maintenance in good order of Paddington Green; to distribute to poor deserving residents of Paddington a sum not exceeding £50 in any one year, and to grant annuities not exceeding six shillings per week each to poor aged persons, residents in Paddington.