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Paddington 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Paddington]

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REPORT, 1890-91.
The following Tables sbow—
1.—The number of Bathers' Tickets in Stock,
given out, and sold during the year.
2.—The Liabilities of the Commissioners on
March 25th, 1891, in respect of money borrowed
under the authority of the Vestry, and with the
sanction of the Local Government Board.

Paddington Public Baths and Wash-houses.

Balance Sheet, 2hth March,1891.

To Sundry Creditors:—£s.d.£s.d.£s.d
,, Radford16562By Balance at Bankers31782
„ Gas Light Co.66150„ Cash in hands of Superintendent—
,, Grand Junction Water Co.3310Balance of Wages Account
,, Middleweek38130Balance of Petty Cash Account527
,, Evan Davis221211
,, Paton & Charles460527
„ Richardson71A,, Cash in Money-Takers Offices118
„ Bell# 464 2,, Rent due by Mr. Whiteley2856
,, Pearson2186,, Value of Soap on hand329
,, Feasey250,, ,, Washing Powder on hand203
,, Lines2111,, ,, Blue on hand076
„ Gay21405106
„ Franklin320
„ Bone510335785
„ Wilde & Venables15150
„ Saunders2160
,, Povey500
„ Blind Association0196Balance of Liabilities......7354