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Paddington 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Paddington]

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REPORT, 1890-91.
On the 3rd February it was reported that the plates
on the under part of one of the boilers had been found to
be worn out. On a thorough investigation being made,
and in order that there might be no stoppage of the work
of the Institution, it was resolved that the brick-work
should be removed, the defective plates cut away, and
new ones inserted. The boilers have been in constant
work, night and day, since the opening of the Baths in
1874 (17 years), and the Commissioners feel it is quite
possible that during the next year it may be necessary to
have the whole of them renewed.
The other parts of the machinery are in satisfactory
working order, the new engine purchased last year adding
greatly to the efficiency of this department.
In the quinquennial re-assessment of the Parish this
year the assessment of the Baths was raised by the
Overseers from Gross Value £100, Rateable Value £84,
to Gross Value £2,000, Rateable Value £1,668. The
Commissioners felt that this was an excessive charge, and
entered an appeal before the Assessment Committee,
when the same was reduced to Gross Value, £1,500,
Rateable Value, £1,250.
This will entail an increase in the expenditure on
Rates Account of about £260, and seriously hamper the
resources of the Institution.
Upon an examination being made of the receipts
during the past three years, it was found that the opening