London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Paddington 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Paddington]

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REPORT, 1890-91.


In daily use by Lamplighters.25 Lighting Torchos and Sticks1 Blow Pipe
25 Pairs of Plyers1 Glazing Knife
25 Oil Cans1 Hacking Knife
25 Burner Brushes4 Screw Drivers
25 Ladders1 Rule
v25 Pairs of Ladder Spike Irons2 Tool Baskets
1 Spirit Level1 Shave Hook
1 Flatting Plate and Folding Machine1 Boxwood Mallet
7 Pairs of Gas Tongs2 Pickaxes
1 Pair Iron Bevel Clamps1 Rammer
1 Large Sot Stocks and Dies13-gall. Can
1 Small do. do.18 Paint Cans
1 Large Vice
2 Air Pumps and Service Cleaner2 Glazing Frails
1 Pair of Cutting Plyers1 Large Paint Bath
1 Pair of Compasses2 Largo Paint Tubs
3 Pairs of Plyers1 Iron Brand, V. P. P.
6 Steel Chisels1 Letter Stamp, P. V.
3 Stool Sets2 Meter Hooks
1 Crowbar, 5-ft. x 2-in. dia.4 Cross Handle Large Keys
1 Crease Iron6 Do. do. Small do.
1 Hollow Punch1 Meter Testing Table, for out-door use
1 Lead Pot and HandleIndia-rubber Tubing, do.
1 Beak Iron1 Box Truck
2 Soldering Irons1 Lantern Truck
4 Stakes, various sizes1 Trolly
2 Pairs Tinman's SnipsSundry Paint Brushes, &c.
3 Pairs Clamps4 Double-action Syphon Pumps
3 Hammers