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Paddington 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Paddington]

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Statement of Expenditure and Outstanding Balances from Lady-day, 1890,to Lady-day,1891.

Details of Expenditure.Cash paid during the year ending Lady-day, 1891.Outstanding Balances, 25th March, 1891.Annual Expenditure, including outstanding Balances.
The Gas Light & Coke Co., for Gas supplied to Public and Refuge Lamps, as follows:£s.d.£s.d.£s.d.
1890, June Quarter—Lamps and Additions80867
,, Dec. ,, ,, ,,1,493186
1891, March Quarter—Lamps and Additions..1,361414,58361
Total Wages Paid.Wages paid to Lamplighters. ...1,4891510
„ ,, to Fitter and Glazier, fixing knock-down Lamps, new Posts, and Repairs1,76632..227130
„ ,, for Washing and Painting Lamp-posts, Columns, and Lanterns. .48144
Maintenance of Meters, Boxes, and Governors, &c.132984444176140
Tradesmen's Bills:—
The Gas Light & Coke Co., Lamp Removals, &c.6962152948
W. & B. Cowan, Refuge Lamp Meters and Repairs913035912189
Wm. Sugg & Co., Refuge Lamps and Repairs287981703749
J. Bartle & Co., Lamp-post Castings32761111343189
W. King. supply of 'Gas Journal"0196066160
J. Matts, Ironmongery4852796162
Surveyor, Sundry Payments319073390
Pontifex & Co.. Lanterns Head irons &c10934437113611
J. Stephens & Co., Ladders and Repairs3141..3141
McCorquodale, Stationery, Books, &c.242015821910
E. Reakes, Oil Shop Goods0201186206
Carried forward£33308£1,4411610£6,76328