London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Paddington 1871

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Paddington]

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Systematic Inspection during the last Quarter.
The following Mews have been inspected by Mr. Parsons:—
Richmond Mews West
19 houses & stables.
The scavenging is badly done.
Richmond Mews
16 „ „
Dirty, cabs kept. There are.shops,
a cow-house and a marine store
in this mews.
Burlington Mews
12 „ „
In a clean state.
Burlington Mews West.
24 „ „
Ditto ditto.
Vincent- PI. ,Queen's-Rd.
3 small houses
A dirty little place.
Westmoreland Mews
13 „
Hereford Mews West
8 „
Alexander Mews
15 „
Westbourne Park Mews
16 „
Much improved since last inspection.
Carlton Mews
12 „
Bad, dirty, some closets without
water, orders issued.
Jonson Mews
18 „
Improved—much work done since
last inspection.
Westbourne Park Villas
14 „
Coming down to extend Great
Western Railway Works.
Porchester Square Mews
16 „
Bristol Mews
25 „
Dirty people infected with Small
Pox — cabmen aud others
have dirty premises. (See my
Small Pox Report.)
Blomfield Place
18 „
Trades carried on here—cleanly
Blomfield Mews
14 „
Trades carried on here.
Westbourne Park Cres.
3 „
Undergoing repairs by fresh
Desboro' Mews
3 „
Dirty, going to be put in repair.
Stanley Mews
12 „
Much fresh work been done by
Chaplin & Home, the occupiers
New dung & dust bins made—
a great improvement.
Ranelagh Mews
7 „
Most of these works have been re-inspected and completed—others
are in hand—a few may require further orders to