London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Paddington 1870

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Paddington]

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The Inspectors of Nuisances discovered several
instances where nightly lodgers have been taken in,
and these have been registered as common lodginghouses.
There are coffee-houses in this Parish known
to the Police as brothels, and as nightly lodgers are
taken, they ought to be brought under the surveillance
of Police Authority as common lodging-houses.
Poultry kept in London.
Poultry keeping increases to a great extent
in London, and frequent complaints are made to me
that fowls should be done away with as a nuisance.
It ought to be more generally known that I cannot
proceed against the owners of domestic animals for the
noises they may make. It exceeds my province to
interfere with fowls, pigeons, and dogs if kept in a
cleanly state. Cock-crowing at 1 a.m , the barking of
dogs, the cooing of pigeons near your chamber
window, or any other nuisance arising from noise, by
which the sleep of nervous people is disturbed, is a
serious annoyance, and probably ought, as in the
manner of the street music, to be under control, or to
be put down by law ; but I cannot treat them as
Sanitary nuisances.
Urinals and Urinal Nuisances.
This subject was under the consideration of a Subcommittee,
who made a tour of inspection on three
different occasions, with a view of reporting to the
Sanitary and Public Health Committee. Their Report
has not yet been completed ; meanwhile I have waited

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