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Paddington 1859

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Paddington]

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means in their power "to continue the water in its
present improved condition." On this, it was resolved
(July 7) that considering the noxious state
of the Basin, an urgent necessity existed for the
immediate use of disinfectants on a large scale ; and
a copy of a resolution to this effect was forwarded
to the Directors. As no steps were taken in
consequence, the Committee determined (July 21)
to institute proceedings at the Police Court,
Marylebone. A summons was accordingly obtained
on that day, returnable in forty eight hours;
on the service of which the Directors gave
immediate orders for the disinfection of the Basin.
During July 24th and the four following days, large
quantities of disinfecting fluid (Mc Dougall's)
were introduced. At the end of that time the
result appeared to be satisfactory, in so far
that the offensive principle, if not destroyed, had at
least lost its power of becoming diffused through
the atmosphere. At the same time it was not less
observable than before, that whenever the mud of
the channel was agitated by the punting of a barge,
or otherwise, the stench was reproduced in its
former intensity.
As soon as the weather had become sufficiently
cold for the purpose, I conferred (September 1st)
with the Chairman and Secretary of the Company
by direction of the Sanitary Committee, with a
view to the immediate letting off of the water
and cleansing the Basin by manual labour, as

The following is a list of the cases in which the Officers of the Vestry have been directed to make complaint at the Marylebone Police Court, showing in each case the result of such proceedings.


Date.Locality.Nature of Nuisance, and Object for which Proceedings were taken.Result.
1859. April 7.Ground in rear of Presbyterian Church, Harrow RoadAn accumulation of Clay in a state of combustionOrder made for abatement, April 16.
— 7.Building Ground on the North side of Moscow RoadDitto dittoDitto ditto.
— 7.Building Ground on the South side of Westbourne GroveDitto dittoOrder made for abatement, April 9.
June 2.25 Upper Brook MewsFoul PrivyNuisance abated on Notice of Proceedings, June 16.
— 16.11 & 12 WharfAccumulation of Offensive MaterialAbated on Notice, July 1.
— 16.8 Cambridge PlaceFoul DrainNew Drain constructed on Notice.
— 166 Jonson's MewsCow-house so kept as to be a Nuisance.Order made for abatement of Nuisance and improvement of Premises, July 14.
July 7.8 Praed StreetAccumulation of Offensive Rags & BonesNuisance abated on Notice, July 21.
— 21.Paddington Canal BasinWater so foul as to be a Nuisance and in jurious to health.Complaint made at the Police Court July 21, Nuisance abated on Summons.
Aug. 4.11 Dudley StreetHouse so overcrowded as to be injurious to healthOvercrowding abated on Notice.
— 18Celbridge MewsAccumulation of Bones and other Offensive Matters .Nuisance abated on Notice, Sept. 1.
Dec. 1.11 Titchborne RowHouse so overcrowded as to be injurious to healthOvercrowding abated on Notice.
1860. Max. 1596 Hall PlaceDitto dittoDitto ditto.