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Paddington 1859

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Paddington]

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[ C]Summary StatementofMoneys owing to, a???s andLiabilities owing by,theVestryof the

Parish of Paddington, on the 2??? f March , 1860, namely:—

Balance in Treasurer's hands178119Guardian Board100000
Outstanding Rates, as nealy as can be ascertained2394911Burial Board45000
£14175 11 8Lighting128755
Interest and Property Tax84168
Salaries and Commission8371610
Rent of Wharf52142
We, the undersigned, being the Auditos appointed under the provisions of the "Metropolis Local Management Act," for the purpose of auditing the Accounts of the Vestry of the Parish of Paddington, do state, that we have audited and allowed the Accounts of the said Vestry, for the Year ending March 25th, 1860, of which the foregoing Account marked [A] is an Abstract. And we state, that the several Contracts entered into by such Vestry during the year ending the 25th March, 1860, are specified in the foregoing Statement of such Contracts marked [B]. And that the Moneys owing to, and the Debts and Liabilities owing and incurred by, such Vestry respectively are specified in the foregoing Statement of such Credits and Debts and Liabilities respectively marked [C]. We think it our duty to add that the Accounts appear to have been clearly and correctly kept; and we are also desirous of bearing testimony to the courteous assistance we have received from Mr. Aveling. Dated this 30th day of May, 1860.Original Debt.Rate of Interest.Paid off this year.Total Paid off.Remaining unpaid.
Bond Debt170004 per Cent.££4000
Church Debt190004½ „900117007300
( Signed)THOMAS TAYLOR, Chairman, CHAS. JNO. JOHNSON, DAVID LITTLE, WILLIAM HARRISON,Auditors.Ditto60005 „30012004800
Workhouse Debt255004 „12751222513275
Burial Board Debt166005 „830362012980

N.B.—The above Statement of the Number of Houses inspected does not include 300 inspections
made in consequence of Complaints which did not appear to require the interference of the