London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Paddington 1859

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Paddington]

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[B] Summary Statement of Contracts e??? by the Vestry of the Parish of Paddington,
for the year ending the???March, 1860, namely:—
Mr. Batterbury ???reneral Sewers Work as per detailed Schedule.
Mr. Rowe ???-constructing Sewer in Glo'ster Crescent North £716.
Mr. Batterbury ???onstructing Sewers in Stanhope Place, Lower
Frederick Mews, and Ledbury Road £235.
Mr. Manuelle ???uernsey Granite 10s. 11½d. per Ton.
Mr. Curnock ???lints 6s. 7d. „
Mr. Thirst ???rewers in Glo'ster Square, Hyde Park Square,
and adjacent Streets £1819.
Mr. Rowe ???e-constructing Sewers in Bishop's Road and
Westbourne Grove £437.
Mr. Morgan ???Watering the Roads (A. District) £450.
Mrs. Curnock ditto (B. District) £940.
Mr. Ferguson Cleansing the Streets £1748.
Messrs. Mowlem and Co ???aving as per detailed Schedule.
Mr. Gleed Carting Materials 6½d. per Ton.
Ditto Day-Work 7s. 3d. per Day.
Messrs. Studds ???ifted Gravel 2s. 10d. per Ton.
Ditto ???Unsifted Gravel 2s. 4d. „
Mr. Tame ???removing Dust and Ashes to pay £590.

[ A]AccountinAbstractshewing theReceiptsa???penditurefor theParishofPaddington, for the year ending 25th of March, 1860, under the sever???ads of Receipts and Expenditure, namely:—


Balance from last year's Account1839211???iture ???ch the ??? has ???trol.County Rate7128121
Police Rate13160100
Received on account of Rates3023445Guardian Board1016000
Burial Board1002100
Balance overpaid44582Salaries3370
Collectors' Commission62105


Received on account of Rates67280Balance from last year's Account106319
Collector's Commission129011
Balance in hand175714
£ 67280£67280


Balance from last year's Account56112Materials426744
Carting, Day-Work, &c.4064155
Received on account of Rates18120173Watering Roads27181610
Cleansing Streets178200
Balances due to Parishioners on Paving Accounts608126
„ „ other sources (making & repairing Roads, &c.)19045156Wages to Laborers employed at the Wharf and on the Roads434000
Repair of Roads after Sewers Work20557
Law Expenses17572
Repairs at the Parish Wharf10699
Rent and Taxes22536
Printing, Books, Collectors' Receipt Stamps for Rates, &c.210109
Collector's Commission346191
Loans from the Bankers, and Interest1584632
Balance in hand2037