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Lewisham 1899

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lewisham]

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Full Statement and Account of all moneys received and expended by th Board of Works for the Lewisham District, under the several distinct heads of

Receipt and Expenditure during the year ended 25th March, 1900—Continued.

LEWISHAM—Continued.£s.d.£s.d.£s.d.LEWISHAM — Continued.£s.d£s.d£s.d.
Brought forward49.456485.5028Brought forward51.617155
Lighting Account —Lighting Account—
The Crystal Palace District Gas Company for Street Lighting3,125159
From the Local Guardians in payment of this Board's Precept8,01300
The South Metropolitan Gas Company for ditto3 39245
Camberwell Vestry, Moiety of cost of lighting Sydenham Hill4356Lighting Sydenham Hill and Connington Road (Boundary Roads)869,6
Proportion of receipts on Establishment Account151910Proportion of further Preliminary Expenses in connection with application to the Board of Trade for Provisional Order under the Electric Lighting Acts7992
Carriage of lamps34
Proportion of Expenses on Establishment Account68655
Sewerage Purposes Acoount—Sewerage Purposes Account-
Instalments and Interest on Loans2,009108
From the Local Guardians in payment of this Board's Precept5,80000Cleansing Sewers1,358110
Repairs to Sewers1,087109
For Frontage Drains—Receipts from owners of property to be drained1,268174Cleansing and Maintaining Urinals17628
Frontage Drains constructed at the expense of owners of property drained1,278109
Mr. T. F. Schlund for drainage at "The Mount," Sydenham-hill500
Surface Drainage Works3761110
Miss M. A. Soames, Repair to drain at Aberdeen-terrace, Blackheath1124Proportion of Expenses on Establishment Account648117
Messrs. Whitbread & Co., half-cost of lighting lamp at urinal at "White Hart"113
Cleaning out drain54
Proportion of Receipts on Establishment Account133136
Priory Estate Sewers Account—
From Owner of Property108Private Works Account- (Works undertaken at cost of owners of property) —
Private Works Account - (Works undertaken at cost of owners of property)—
Alteration to footpath in Stanstead-roaday9
Mr. E. J. James—Contribution towards construction of Sewer in Clarens-road, Perry-hill5000Piping ditch at Sydenham-hill360
Re-drainage of Ladwell Baths23106
Mr. S. Whillier ditto5000Gulley at High Street, Sydenham6176
Mr. B. E. Nightingale—Paving, Craythorne-street, Lewisham2186Connection to sewer in Wells-road, Sydenham197
Paving in front of Nos. 319 and 319a, Stanstead-road4110
Mr. W. J. Scudamore—Balance of cost of constructing connections to sewer in Hither-green-lane6116
Emptying cesspool at Southend140
Paving, &c., at Fire Station, High-street, Lewis- ham162183
Mr. J. Carmichael— Balance of cost of providing Paved crossings, Silverdale, Sydenham4179
Sewer Clarens-road perry-hill144
Mr. W. A. Barnett—Proportion of cost of re-drainage of houses at Dartmouth-terrace, Forest-hill312Board's Commission on Sundry Works8110
Mr. J. G. Nicolls—Paving iu Stanstead-road500
London County Council —Connection to Sewer in Wells-road, Sydenham197
Mr. E. C. Christmas—Carriage entrance, Raglan-street, Forest-hill1000
Messrs. Johnson & Aldridge—Balance of cost of constructing entrance to Ennersdale-road from Manor Park Estate370
13756Carried forward66,141180
Carried forward65,02116115,5028