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Lewisham 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lewisham]

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snowstorms, some of which were of considerable severity. The
snow, and the long continuance of frost, entailed a great amount
of additional work and expenditure. Four thousand eight hundred
and sixty-three cubic yards of ashes, sand, burnt ballast,
and in fact any suitable material I was able to obtain, were spread
on the roads and footpaths during the frosts. The total additional
cost was £1,582. The amount of snow, and the severity of the
frosts, were greater than have been experienced for many years;
and in over twenty years I have never used in one year anything
like this quantity of material in frosty weather. A large number
of the unemployed were set to work in clearing the paths, &c., of
snow. On account of the continuous frost the usual amount of
material could not be put on some of the roads, and in consequence
they are not at present in as good condition as I should
like to see them.
In the Blackheath Division the Road Watering was carried
out by horses and drivers supplied by Mr. J. C. Pickernell, at a
contract price of 9s. per horse, harness and driver per day; in the
Lewisham Division the work was done chiefly by the Board's
own horses and men, assisted, when required, by men and horses
supplied under contract by Mr. G. Sabin at 7s. Gd. per day.
Mr. W. Stimpson supplied the horses, men and harness in
the Upper Sydenham and Forest Hill, and Lower Sydenham
Divisions at 7s. 9d. and 7s. Gd. respectively.
In the Hamlet of Penge the horses and drivers were supplied
by Mr. R. Winnifrith at a contract price of 8s. per day.

The quantity of material used for the maintenance of the public Roads in the District is shewn in the following Table:-

Division.Broken Guernsey Granite.Port Philip Stone.Picked Flints.Dug Flints.Gravel.Total.
Lewisham Parish (cubic yds.)26701487...241115488016
Hamlet of penge (ditto)883...615...6462144

In the Parish of Lewisham the Street Lighting is carried
out by the South Metropolitan Gas Company and the Crystal
Palace District Gas Company, there being 770 ordinary lamps,

The rainfall, as registered at the Forest Hill Stoneyard, from the 26th March, 1890, to the 25th March, 1891, inclusive, was:-

Number of days on which snow or rain fellINCHES.
01890 March 26th to 31st, inclusive0.00
19„ April1.62
11„ May1.87
16„ June2.84
16„ July4.49
15„ August2.04
5„ September0.51
11„ October1.08
20„ November1.56
14„ December0.14
11„ February1.19
0„ February0.00
11„ March, 1st to 25th inclusive1.52
Total 149Total18.36