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Lewisham 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lewisham]

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The Board of Works for the Lewisham District.
For the year ended 25th March, 1891,
Prepared by Order of the Board, under the 198th sect.
of the Metropolis Local Management Act, 1855 (18
and 19 Victoria, cap. 120).
The Board of Works for the Lewisham District present the
following Report of proceedings taken by them during the
twelve months ended Lady-day, 1891.
The District over which the Board exercise jurisdiction
comprises the Parish of Lewisham (including Sydenham
Chapelry) and the Hamlet of Penge. The principal centres
are:—Blackheath—Lewisham—Ladywell and Brockley—
Catford—Forest Hill—Upper Sydenham—Lower Sydenham
—Anerley and Penge.
the area of the District is 6544 acres, viz., Lewisham
5774 and Penge 770 acres, and it holds a population, estimated
at Midsummer, 1890, at 94,458, occupying 15,094
houses. The Census Returns of 1891 give the population as
92,047, viz., Lewisham 72,272 and Penge 20,375.
The following are some of the principal Acts the Board
are called upon to administer, or by which their action is
The Metropolis Local Management Act, 1855, and the
Acts amending and extending the same.
The Highways Acts and the General Paving, Metropolis
Act, 1817 (various sections).
The Nuisances Removal Act for England, 1855; The
Sanitary Act, 1866, and the Acts amending and
extending the same.


Blackheath and Lewisham.Sydenham and Forest Hill.Penge.
Mr. Axford.Mr. Beeton.Mr. Blake.
„ Couchman.„ Crockford.„ Dodson.
„ Denn.„ Elliott.„ Grant.
„ Guy.„ Forbes.„ Green.
„ Jerrard.„ Johnson.„ Keen.
„ Joyce.„ Jones.„ Wimshurst.
„ Luck.„ Mellor.
„ J. Archer„ Morson.
„ R. Hardy
„ Trenchard.
„ Whittaker.
„ Wooff.