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Lewisham 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lewisham]

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The detailed Particulars of Assets and Liabilities comprised in the foregoing Statement of Moneys owing to and the Debts and Liabilities

of the Board on the 5th March, 1891.

General Purposes Account-£s.d.£s.d.£s.d.General Purposes Account-
Appleby, W., and Sons1200Camberwell Vestry (half-cost of maintenance of Sydenham Hill Road)301126•U o. u. i, B. U.
Beevers, E. and H274118
Blundell,H622Crystal Palace District Gas Company (Repairs to Highways, &c.)151510
Camberwell Vestry15100
Colls, H1049Lambeth Water Works Company (ditto)15103
Gay, R., and Co3196Greenwich District Board of Works (contribution to cost of maintenance of Greenwich Boundary Roads)17246
Greaves, Bull and Lakin300
Gwilt, G. N7l64
Hobman, A. C. W. and Co10150Loudon County Council (Repairs to County Bridge Roods)19500
Hollick and Co320
Lee, E., Executors of10110Westwood and Winby (contribution towards cost of altering level of Footpath between the wash way at lewisham and the Plough Tavern)5000
Ludbrook, S., and Co1640
Mowlem, J., and Co151610
Parrisb, James414Woodham and Fry (for re-breaking flints)769
Pearce, C5150Lewisham Guardians of the Poor (Instalment of Precept of the school Board for London)5,495160
Pickernell, J. C49130
Ross, C., and .Sons32262Assets on Board's Horses Account (see Account annexed)4711
Pateman, II. W4910
Sabin, George7170
Proportion of Assets on Establishment Account (see Account annexed)67124
Sanitas Company, The650
Stening, A749
Stimpson, W16659
Yisger, J. A080
Woodham and Fry49130
Woodham, W. and J15100
Sundry Persons (under £3 each)8196
Proportion of Liabilities on Establishment Account (see Account annexed)159170
Proportion of Liabilities on Sydenham Recreation Ground (ditto)10109
„ ,, Penge (ditto)1366
Ditto ditto on St. Mary's Churchyard, Lewisham (ditto)131
School Board for London, Instalment of Precept5,495160
Steam Road Roller Account1556
Board's Horses Account11325
Income Tax on Loans.3161
Lighting Account-Lighting Account-
The Crystal Palace District Gas Company696188
Camberwell Vestry (half-cost of Lighting Sydenham Hill Road)4366
The South Metropolitan Gas Company626169
Proportion of Liabilities on Establishment Account (see Account annexed)26191Proportion of Assets on Establishment Account (see Account annexed11107
Carried forward8,26934Carried forward3,38022