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Lewisham 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lewisham]

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The Establishment Expenses Account referred to.

Detailed ParticularsofReceipts and Paymentscomprised under Establishment Expenses,and apportioned in the first instance between the Parishof Lewisham and Hamlet ofPenge, and subsequently betweenthe several Rates levied.

Police Courts Fines and Fees19126
London and South-Western Bank-Interest8815
Rents, viz.-
The Lewisham Guardians-For use of Committee Room and Offices15000
Commissioners of Baths- ditto330
Lewisham Parochial Charities ditto220
Governors of Lewisham Grammar School for Girls ditto220
Lewisham Vestry-Rent of Board Room2100
Ravensbourne Lodge-ditto1500
Mr. F. B. Smythe dance440
Mr. T. A. M. Jennings, dances12120
Stanstead Lawn Tennis Club, ditto12120
Mr. E. V. Clarke-for Cottage at Stoneyard, Penge14140
Beckenham Local Board-½d. in the £ on Rateable Value of Beckenham Sewerage Area11055
The Hoard's Hospital-From Patients7690
Metropolitan Asylums Board-Repayment by, of Fees paid to Medical Practitioners under Infectious Disease (Notification) Act, 18893236
Messrs. Radcliffes and Cator-Repayment of the Board's expenses in relation to the Shortlands and Nunhead Railway Bill14133
Sundry persons for disinfecting premises, &c.8311
Police Courts Fines and Fees640
Salaries, Superannuation Allowances, and Wages of Officers3,438111
Printing-Minutes, Agenda Papers, Annual Reports, Accounts, &c.2841110
Adulteration of Food, &c., Act-Mr. C. Heisch177110
Sundry Expenses, Articles for Analysis, and Railway Fares, &c.920
The Board's Hospital (exclusive of Instalments and Interest for Loans), viz.-
Medical Officer-Mr. Harman Visger4176
Matron and Messenger5750
Meat, Bread, Groceries, Yegetables, &c.381811
Rates and Taxes12156
Conveyance of Patients300
Repairs, Painting, &c.68154
Bed Linen, &c.15138
Sweeping Chimneys30
Tools, and Repairs to Tools8486
Ront, Rates, Taxes, &c., viz.:-
Rent of Fire Escape Station440
Poor, &c., Rates1721110
Coals, Coke, Firewood, &c.30114
Carried forward271504,54337

Note.—The Establishment Receipts and Expenses of the Board are, in the first instance, apportioned between
???e Parish of Lewisham and Hamlet of Penge, on the basis of rateable value, and such receipts and expenses are
???rther apportioned between the several rate-purposes in the Parish and Hamlet respectively, in proportion to the
???t expenditure for the year on each.
The Rateable Value adopted as the basis of apportionment is as follows:—
Parish of Lewisham £477,685
Hamlet of Penge 151,456