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Lewisham 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lewisham]

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The detailed Particulars of the Receipts and Expenditure of the Board for theyea r ??? nded 25th March, 1891, referred to in the foregoing Account in A bstract-Continued.

Brought forward17,61514971,14104Brought forward18,41612369,49056
Sewers Construction (Loan Account)-Sewers Construction(Loan Account)-
Loan from London County Council25000Flushing Tanks95155
Manholes to Sowers70117
Private Works Account-(Works undertaken at Cost of Owners of property)111616670
Private Works Account-(Works undertaken at Cost of Owners of Property)34172
Kerbing and Channelling - Paving (Loan Account)-Kerbing and Channelling - Paving (Loan Account-
Loan from London County Council2,06000Sundry Works23767
1890. NEW STREETS-(Streets Paved and Formed at the Expense of Owners of property therein).
March 25. Cash balance in the hands of the Treasurers2,59626LEWISHAM-
LEWISHAM- Receipts from owners in sundry New Streets11,220192Payments to Contractors and others in respect of sundry New Streets7,5381911
Receipts „ „ „......„ „ „ „ „5114
BalancesNew Streets5,5621210
Current Account66477
General2,722182Balance in the hands of the Treasurers8,1611811
New Streets5,5621210Ditto Cash in handCashier (General Account)7371911
Current Account66477Ditto (New Streets surpluses)49199
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