London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Lewisham 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lewisham]

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Sale of Food and Drugs Acts.
Proceedings were taken by the Board during the year
under these Acts. 123 samples were analysed, 4 were found
adulterated or reduced in quality. In one case a summons was
applied for and granted, and on the hearing the defendant
was convicted and fined 30s. and 2s. costs. In the other
cases summonses were not applied for.
Strand Improvement Bill.
In connection with this Bill the question of the improved
value of property was raised under the generally accepted
term "Betterment Clauses," that principle having been introduced
into the Bill. The Board were called upon to take
the matter into their consideration on the 2nd April (Min.,
par. 13). They passed the following resolution:—
"That, in the opinion of this Board, a proposal of the kind
referred to, introducing a new principle, should be dealt
with, if at all, in a Public Bill, and not in a Bill of a
private character."
Bromley Road Sewer and Priory Estate Drainage.
During the year the Board extended the Main Sewer
along the Bromley Road, and constructed Sewers for the
drainage of the Estate referred to. The cost of the Main
Sewer was apportioned between the Board and the owners of
the property, under the provisions of the 53rd sect, of the
Metropolis Management Amendment Act, 1862, and the
expenses of the sewers on the Estate were charged to the
owners of the property in the several roads. This work is
referred to at greater length in the Surveyor's Report.
Crystal Palace and District Electric Lighting Order.
The proceedings of the Board in relation to this Order
were fully explained in last year's report (page 23), and, as
then stated, steps were taken by the Board of Trade for obtaining
the necessary confirmation of the Order. The matter
was reported to the Board, and their proposals having been
embodied in the Order as previously reported, no further

It may, perhaps, be more convenient to follow the inspections according to the divisions of the District, and in the following tabular form:—

Divisions.Total number of Assessments on the Registers.Houses unoccupied, not u.ned as dwellings, or not inspected.Number of houses inspected.How occupied.Number of defects discovered and reported to the Inspectors of Nuisances.
One family.Two families.Three families.
Blackheath and Lewisham438533040552945102981400
Sydenham and Forest-hill47744204354356076232518