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Lewisham 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lewisham]

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The number of tanks that will be constructed during the
present year has not yet been decided. The following disinfectants
were used in Hushing gullies, disinfecting dust bins, urinals,
Permanganate of Potash 8 cwts.
Sanitas Powder 7 tons.
Jeyes' Perfect Purifier 128 gallons.
Carbolic Acid 30 „
Carbolic Powder 1 ton.
Cost, about £169.
With regard to the Forest Hill Brewery Company discharging
hot washings of barrels, &c., into the Perry Vale Sewer, a large
tank has been constructed in order to collect and cool them, and
there is every reason to believe it will prove successful. One of
the most important matters connected with Sewerage was the
completion of the 3ft. 9in. by 2ft. 4in. egg-shaped sewer along
the Bromley Road, and also the completion of the drainage of the
Priory Estate. All the cesspools are now destroyed and the
houses drained into the sewer. I need hardly say this is a good
thing done, remembering the opposition that was offered and the
difficulties that had to be overcome before it could be accomplished.
The flushere have also been engaged in tracing and finding
the position of stoppages in drains prior to serving notices, in a
large number of cases.
The sewers vested in the Board have been periodically inspected,
cleansed, and Hushed during the year; and I can say
with confidence they never were in such a good condition as they
are at the present time. Although this work is unseen, it is of
the first importance, and deserves the first consideration.
The Churchyard of St. Mary's, Lewisham, was taken over
and will be henceforth maintained by the Board. Its area is
about two acres, and it is very much used.
Two of the open spaces along the Bromley Road, at Rushey
Green, were levelled and returfed, and a few shrubs planted. The
work will be extended this year. What has been done is a great
improvement, and 1 believe fully appreciated by the public.
The "Crooked Billet" enclosure at Penge, was remodelled,
a light iron railing erected in place of the oak fence, the shrubs

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Locality.Capacity op Tank in Gallons.Diameter of Syphon in Inches.
Lessing Street4006
Lethbridge Road7506
Lewisham Park Crescent7808
Loampit Hill100012
Longton Avenue7008
Longton Avenue7008
Miall Road7006
Molesworth Steet8006
Montpelier Row7806
Morley Road7008
Perry Vale500018
Ratjfern Road7808
Ryectoft Road7808
Shuckburgh Road6508
Slaithwaite Road7808
Sunderland Road10006
Sydenham Hill Road7808
Sydenham Hill Road7808
The Vale7808
Thornford Road7808
Trewsbury Road7808
Tyson Road10008
Venner Road7808
Waldenshaw Road7808
Wells Road100012
Wemyss Road7808
West Hill10008
Wylieu Street4006

H amlet of P enge.

Locality.Capacity of Tank in Gallons.Diameter of Syphon in Inches.
Anerley Park6006
Anerley Road, near Madeline Road100012
Anerley Road, near Croydon Road7008
Beckenham Road400014
Beckenham Road100012
Belvedere Road10008
Cintra Park7808
Crampton Road6258
Croydon Road100012
Minden Road10008
Oakfield Road100012
Penge Lane6006
Selby Road5008
Seymour Villas100012
Southey Street7808
Stembridge Road7008
Stodart Road7008
Tudor Road7008
Weighton Road7808
Wheathill Road4508