London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Lewisham 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lewisham]

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Dermody Road* 1
Devonshire Road 1
Dillwyn Road* 1
Eliot Park* 1
Garlics Road* 1
Longton Avenue 1
„ Avenue* 1
„ Grove 1
Mayow Road 1
Miall Road* 1
Morley Road 1
„ Road* 1
Mount Pleasant Road 1
The Retreat, Catford 1
Wemyss Road 1
Total 25
Ha mlet of Pengey Vale 1
Croydon Road 2
Hamlet Road 1
Maple Road 1
Stembridge Road* 1
Stodart Road* 1
Tudor Road* 1
Total 8
*The Manholes marked with an asterisk are small manholes
constructed adjoining flushing tanks.
The following Table gives the number of Flushing Tanks
at work at the present time. There are 73 in Lewisham
and 20 in Penge—a total of 93. This is a large number. I do
not think any District in the Metropolitan area has so many.
The old-fashioned tilt action flusher in Blythe Vale, which was put
in in 1883, and was the first automatic flushing apparatus used
in the District, has been superseded by a syphon, the tilt box
being worn out. The collective discharge of these tanks amounts