London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Lewisham 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lewisham]

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Locality.Description of Work.
Acacia RoadKerb and Channel.
Bradford Road„ „
Bradford Road (gateway)Crossing
Brockey Road (at Comerford Road)
Granville ParkChannel.
Honor O.k Road (to Westwood Park)Crossing.
London Road (at Waldenahaw Rood)
Molesworth Street (gateway)
Moles worth StreetKerb and Channel.
Moles worth StreetYork paving relaid.
Paxton Park (across Laurel Grove)Crossing.
Paxton Park (aeross Myrtle Grove)
Russell Street (entrance to yard)
Russelll StreetKerb and Channel.
Southend Lane (across St Mark's Road)crossing
Southend Lane (entrance to yard)
Stanstead Road (at Colfe Road)
Sydenham Road (arrows Kirtley Road)
Sydenham RoadKerb and Channel.
Vancouver Road (at Blythe Vale)Crossing.
Vian streetKerb and Channel.
Vian StreetCrossing
Waldram Road
Wells RoadChannel.
West Hill (across Hillcrest Road, 2)Crossing.
West Hill (at Charleville Circus)
West Hill (at Church)
West HillKerb.

There was no new Tar Pavement in the Hamlet of Penge.
In the Parish of Lewisham 10,468 superficial yards of old
Tar Pavement were relaid, and in the Hamlet of Penge 5,347
yards. Nearly the whole of this was made at the Depots at Lower
Sydenham and Penge.
In Lewisham, 25,750 yards superficial of Tar Paved Footpaths
were tar-painted, and in Penge 12,802 superficial yards.

The following works will be completed shortly:-

Locality.Description of Work.
Anerley HillCarriage-way pavement.
Croydon RoadChannel.
Thicket Road
Weighton Road

When these streets are completed, they will increase the
length of roads maintained by the Board to the extent of 2 miles
1,363 yards, and the total will then be 67 miles 1,652 yards.
I prepared plans, estimates, and apportionments for paving
and forming the following new streets:—