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Lambeth 1892

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lambeth]

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from Hamburg than the Port of Hull. And at the Ports both
of London and Hull a strict supervision is exercised over
suspected passengers and goods. The Harbour authorities are
fully equipped for the efficient maintenance of the first lines
of defence.
Lambeth is thus outside the region in which alarm or even
anxiety need with any show of reason be felt. Yet as a means of
insurance against the possibilities of secondary infection, should
the introduction of Cholera occur, there are certain steps which I
submit should be taken. These relate in the first place to the
adoption of the most perfect methods of sanitation, and secondarily
to arrangements made with the object of securing the
prompt and efficient isolation of infected person.
I he methods of sanitation include:—
(a) The removal of accumulations of filth from houses and
their appurtenances; from streets and other public places; and
the cleansing of courts and alleys.
(B) The flushing of public sewers and roadside gullies; the
reconstruction of leaking and improperly laid house drains, and
the improvement of defective traps; the periodical scouring of
house drains and yard gullies with a plentiful supply of water.
(c) The cleansing of cisterns and tanks used for the storage of
drinking water; the maintenance of a strict supervision over dairies,
cowhouses, slaughterhouses, and of all places used for the storage
of food.
(a) Districts of the Parish where houses are closely aggregated
together, including the smaller streets and courts and alleys,
demand the special attention of your Committee. For usually in
these densely populated places are found lodging houses and
tenement houses, occupied by members of the poorest and consequently
the most helpless section of the people; the poverty of
some of the tenants leading to overcrowding, the depravity of
others to the reckless abuse of all sanitary appliances. These
streets, I submit, should be subjected to a systematic course of

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