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Mile End 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hamlet of Mile End Old Town]

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At a Meeting of the Vestry of the Hamlet of Mile End Old
Town, held at the Vestry Hall, Bancroft Road, on
Wednesday, the 7th day of May, 1890.
Present mr. churchwarden r. kemp in the Chair.
Messrs. anderson, J. Messrs. hasted, w. j.
andrews, j. henley, j. w.
baxter, t. hirst, r.
bell, a. m. kemp, e.
birks, c. kemp, w. a.
brown, j. lawson, g.
browning, t. livermore, t. g.
bull, h. loftus, j.
burge, g. f. lyon, m.
calton, j. t. macve, t. a.
coker, g. mcewen, j. w.
collett, h. e. martin, f. g.
cook, t. ockelford, w.
davis, j. t. peacock, o. w.
druitt, a. richardson, t.
druitt, j. schweitzer, c. a.
furness, a. taylor, j.
thomas, h.
—38 members.
I. Moved by Mr. Furness seconded by Mr. Hirst and resolved
—That the Minutes be taken as read.
Moved by Mr. Hirst seconded by Mr. Loftus and resolved
—That the Minutes are correctly recorded and be confirmed.
II. The Report of Committee No. 1 was brought up as follows:
To the Vestry of the Hamlet of Mile End Old Town.
Report of Committee No. 1.
For Finance, Parliamentary and General Purposes.
Wednesday, 7th May, 1890.
Your Committee beg to report that they met on Thursday,
the 1st day of May, inst., there being present Messrs.
Henley, Hasted, and Davis.
(1) That your Clerk submitted a Financial Statement a copy of
which is as follows:

23 APRIL, 1890.

Yards paved448
Water supply for drinking purposes separated from that which supply the closets808
Houses cleansed404
Drains cleansed459
Houses disinfected112
„ closed033
Drain flushed011
Occupation of underground rooms as sleeping apartments discontinued077
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