London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Mile End 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hamlet of Mile End Old Town]

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The quantity of ashes and breeze sifted and put on rail was
7,323 tons, and 780 tons were loaded into barges and sold for
brick making purposes. 1,340 tons were loaded into barges
and sent to Shoot. 1,097 tons of rough dust were disposed ot
by rail, and 364 tons of clinkers were removed from the Wharf.


Horse hire for cleansing roads7170Horse hire for cleansing roads3080Horse hire for cleansing roads5960
Wages of drivers and fillers105948Wages of drivers and fillers104814Wages of drivers and fillers115510
Keep of horses= 3,583 working days925122Keep of horses– 3,674 working days1025132Keep of horses– 3,569 working days966121
Horse hire for drawing materials (56 horses and men)2280Horse hire for drawing materials (282 horses and men)133190Horse hire for drawing materials (461 horses and men)218196
Wages of drivers238120Wages of drivers26558Wages of drivers244135
Keep of Vestry's horses = 1,193 working days308510Keep of Vestry's horses = 1,019 working days28495Keep of Vestry's horses =1046 working days283510
Wages of scavengers1416011Wages of scavengers154881Wages or scavengers188652
Rent of Riga Wharf12400Rent of Riga Wharf12400Rent of Riga Wharf12400

The increase in the quantity of refuse collected has not
added to the marketable material, but on the contrary the
percentage of rubbish increases and I have advised your Committee
having the care of this important branch of your work,
to construct two additional furnaces, for reducing to clinkers a
larger quantity of such malter.
Rent of Shoot at Stratford £66 0 0
The public lamps 1,001 in number have been supplied,
lighted, cleaned and repaired by the Commercial Gas Company
at a cost of £3,626 6s. 6d.
The long frost of the winter seriously interfered with the
efficient lighting of the Streets, and much cost was incurred by
the Gas Company in clearing the services.
Your roller has worked 225 days on your own roads and has
been let on hire 22 days.
The cost for labor and fuel has been £204 15s. 6d. Repairs
£31 16s. 4d.