London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Mile End 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hamlet of Mile End Old Town]

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(1) That your Surveyor submitted, and your Committee considered an Estimate for the half year ending Michaelmas-Day next as follows, and which your Committee recommend for adoption by your Board:

Labour on roads2,300
Lime and cement80
Name plates10
Oil, candles, &c.5
Paving materials—
Already ordered for roads and for repairs200
Paving works, asphalte, Mile End Road80
Plumber's work15
Rates and taxes22

(2) That your Committee have for a long period had under
consideration the condition of the sewer in Sidney Street,
which in consequence of the very small fall has constantly
had to be cleaned out.
That your Surveyor has again called the attention of your
Committee to its imperfect condition, and your Committee
having considered such Report, and inspected the sewer, are
of opinion that a new sewer should be constructed and your
Committee accordingly recommend—That a Contract be
entered into for the construction of a new sewer in Sidney
Street, and that advertisements be issued inviting tenders for
the performance of the work at an estimated cost of £1,500,
and further that the amount be borrowed, and that the
matter be referred to the No. 1 Committee to make the
necessary financial arrangements.
(3) That your Surveyor submitted a plan and section from
Messrs J. T. Newman & Jacques, of a sewer to be constructed
in a new portion of Parfett Street, with the different
falls, and your Committee beg to recommend—That it be
ordered that the fall of such sewer be uniform throughout, and
not less than ten feet in depth in its shallowest part, and that
it be constructed with Stanford's or other similar joints.