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Mile End 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hamlet of Mile End Old Town]

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4 MARCH, 1891. 277
(1) That your Medical Officer reported as follows:
"During the fortnight ending February 14th, the number
of Births was 181: the number of Deaths was 92;
"59 occurring in the Eastern district, 20 in the Western
"district, and 13 in the outlying Institutions, giving a
"death-rate equal to 20.3 per 1,000 per annum: that of
"the Metropolis being 19.2 for the same period."
(2) That your Inspectors of Nuisances brought up and read
Reports tor which your Committee beg to refer your Board
to their Report Books.
That having regard to the Reports of your Medical Officer
and Inspectors your Committee resolved to recommend—
That notices be served upon the owners of the following
houses and premises, requiring them to perform the following
works, viz.:
(a) No. 52, Nicholas Street—
To cleanse the drain and properly trap the yard gully
(b) No. 26, Lomas Buildings—
To repair the W.C. trap thereat.
(c) Nos. 49, 79, St. Dunstan's Road; 5, Carlton Square;
4, Upper Montague Street; 8, & 66, Robeson
To disconnect the waste pipes of sinks from direct communication
with the drains thereat.
(d) Nos. 2, 5, 6,11 to 14, 17, 20 to 24, Lomas Buildings;
1 to 5, 25, St. Dunstan's Road; 8, 12, 18, 26, 28, 36
to 56, and 1 to 9, Fair Street—
To provide water-supply to the closets thereat.
(e) Nos. 4, Upper Montague Street; 2 to 6, 20 to 24, 30
to 34, 11, 15 to 21, 25, 37 to 57, Fair Street—
To disconnect the water-supply for domestic purposes from
that used for flushing the closets thereat.
(f) No. 18, Lomas Buildings—
To repair the roof thereof.
(g) Nos. 4, 5, 14, 17, & 18 to 24, Lomas Buildings—
To remove the dampness of the walls thereof.
(h) Nos. 9, Lomas Buildings; and 22, Baker Street—
To repair the plaster of the walls thereof.
(i) Nos. 4, 5, 9, 10, 12, 13, 17 to 24, 26, 27, Lomas
Buildings; 23, 51, St. Dunstan's Road; and 22,
Baker Street—
To cleanse and purify such houses.
(j) No. 19, St. Dunstan's Road—
To cleanse kitchen and staircase thereof,

(2) Th at your Clerk at a previous meeting submitted the following Accounts duly certified and approved, which your Committee recommend for payment, viz.:

Manuelle, A. & F. 10,000 feet of 3 in. tooled York paving, as per contract, and extra quantity320142
Aird, J. & Sons Hydrant repairs19194
Hartope, J. & Co. Leather oil196
East London Water Works Co. Water to—
Recreation Grounds1156
Stables, Canal Road2192
Riga Wharf150
Gt. Eastern Railway Co. Carriage of refuse......49190
Weston & Westall Salt for melting snow......5120
Scott, T. G. Advertisements......785
Staines, F. J. Income Tax on—
(Queen's Tax Collector) Vestry Hall (£150)3150
Mile End Dust Wharf (£130)350
Chimney Shaft at ditto (£13)66
Bassett, W. J. (Ditto) Ditto on Stables, Canal Road (£100)2100
Inhabited House Duty63
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