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Mile End 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hamlet of Mile End Old Town]

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21 JANUARY, 1891.
area grating, mulberry street.
Moved by Mr. Hirst seconded by Mr. W. A. Kemp and
resolved—That that part of the Report be adopted and it was
resolved accordingly.
re-naming st. peter's street.
Moved by Mr. Hirst seconded by Mr. W. A. Kemp and
resolved—That that part of the Report be adopted and it was
resolved accordingly.
V. The Report of Committee No. 3 was brought up as follows:
To the Vestry of the Hamlet of Mile End Old Town.
Report of Committee No. 3.
For Drainage, Sewerage and Nuisances.
Wednesday, 21st January, 1891.
Your Committee beg to report that they met on Wednesday,
the 14th day of January, inst., there being present Messrs.
Coker, Birks, K. Bell, Burge, Livermore, E. Kemp, and
(1) That your Surveyor and Medical Officer of Health brought
up and read Reports for which your Committee beg to refer
your Board to their Report Books.
That your Medical Officer reported as follows :
" During the fortnight ending January 3rd, the num"ber
of Births was 162: the number of Deaths from
"all causes was 126; 84 occurring in the Eastern district,
" 28 in the Western district, and 14 in the outlying Institutions,
giving a death-rate equal to 27.9 per 1,000 per
"annum: that of the Metropolis being 27.5 for the same
" period.
" The death-rate all over the Metropolis is of a high
" rate of mortality, and in our own district about 70 per
" cent, of the deaths were due to disease of the respi"
ratory organs consequent on the severe weather."
and your Committee resolved to recommend—That the same
be received.
(2) That your Committee considered a communication from
the Poplar District Board of Works on the subject of cutting
off water-supply to dwelling-houses in consequence of defective
fittings, and resolved to recommend—That your Board
petition the Local Government Board to introduce a Bill,
during next session of Parliament, extending the powers of
the 50 and 51 Vic., cap. 21, and making it illegal for a water
company to cut off water from a dwelling-house for any
reason whatever.

21 January, 1891.

Gerdner, T. & Co.Lighterage of refuse62160
Small coal250
Caton, H. W (Veterinary Surgeon)Veterinary attendance to and shoeing of Vestry's horses, one quarter to Xmas.3500
Whittingham, T.Repairs to harness, &c.3620
Jarvis, T.New wheels and tyring28163
East, J.Timber1253
Shelitoe, E.Ditto3136
Clark. Hunt, & Co.Shovels, scoops, and forks9180
Giun, D. G.Ironmongery187
Harrison, Barber, & Co.Oil and cart grease2120
Tuckwell, T. G.Oilman's articles for stables2411
Ditto for roller009
East Loudon Water Works Co.758
Water for—
Vestry Hall150
Gt. Eastern Railway Co.Carriage of—6156
Paving blocks11611
Smith, A.Brooms4160
Wills & PackhamFlints as per contract3314
Hoggin, sand, and gravel7546
Tees Scoriæ Brick Co.Ltd.Blocks3387
Byford, J.Lime and cement2741
Cole, T. & WSmith's work5310
Brown, J.Plumber's work6100
French Asphalte Co.Repairs to asphalt paving, Mile End Road416
Buck & HickmanIronmongery tools91110
Sacker, W. H. & SonRepairs to gas fittings, &c., Vestry Hall634
Powell, N. J. & Co.Stationery22811
Girling, J. & H.Coals for Establishment, two tons2140