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Mile End 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hamlet of Mile End Old Town]

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21 JANUARY, 1891.
That your Committee resolved to recommend—That a
cheque for £200 be drawn in favour of your Surveyor on
account of extra labour.
Moved by Mr. Henley seconded by Mr. Hirst and resolved
—That the Report be received.
Moved by Mr. Henley seconded by Mr. Hirst and resolved
—That the Report be adopted, and it was resolved accordingly.
IV. The Report of Committee No. 2 was brought up as follows:
To the Vestry of the Hamlet of Mile End Old Town.
Report of Committee Xo. 2.
For Highways, Paving, Lighting and Watering.
Wednesday, 21st January, 1891.
Your Committee beg to report that they met on Thursday,
the 15th day of January, inst., there being present Messrs.
Hirst, Calton, Andrews, Ludbrook, Mardorf, and W. A. Kemp.
(1) That your Surveyor brought up and read a Report for
which your Committee beg to refer your Board to his Report
That your Clerk read a letter from Messrs. Hammack &
Lambert, re Land, corner of White Horse Lane, Mile End
Road, as follows:
" 59, Bishopsgate Street, City,
" London, E.C.,
December 19th, 1890.
" Dear Sir,
" In reply to yours of the 18th inst., our client
"will be willing to accept £100 for the slip of land as
" per tracing sent you, upon the understanding that the
" Parish make-up the footway at their expense, and also
" grant permission for area gratings to intended buildings.
" What legal expenses (if any) that may be necessary
" to be borne by Vestry.
" Yours faithfully,
" Millner Jutsum, Esq."
and your Committee resolved to recommend—That your
Board accept the terms offered in such letter.
(2) That your Committee having further considered the matter
of the widening of Ben Jonson Road, resolved to recommend

Present—mr. churchwarden r. kemp in the Chair.

Messrs. ANDREWS, J.Messrs. KEMP, W. A.
bandey, f.lacey, c.
baxter, t.lawson, g.
bell, a. m.LIVERMORE, T. G.
bell, k.lloyd, a.
birks, c.loftus, j.
blowey, p.lynch, j.
brown, j.lyon, m.
browning, t.lyons, s.
burge, g. f.mcewen, j. w.
cade, j.macve, t. a.
calton, j. t.mardorf, j.
charrington, a. f.marshall, w. t.
chidgey, h. t. a.martin, f. g.
coker, g.moore, a.
collett, h. e.nicholls, e.
cook, t.ockelfori), w.
cushen, h.padfield, g.
druitt, a.peacock, o. w.
druitt, j.reilly, f. j.
fearn, w. e.richardson, t.
furness, a.roberts, h. w.
hasted, w. j.robinson, t. e.
henley, j. w.smith, t. j.
hirst, r.steadman, w. c.
jacobson, a.thomas, h.
kemp, e.upton, w. s.