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Mile End 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hamlet of Mile End Old Town]

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23 APRIL, 1890.
(5) Your Committee beg to report that the works having been
completed at Harford Street (Improvement), your Committee
opened such Street for public traffic on Wednesday the 16th
rowland hirst.
Signed robert kemp.
john wm. henley.
Moved by Mr. J. D. Kemp seconded by Mr. Cushen and
resolved—That the Report be received.
sale of land.
Moved by Mr. J. D. Kemp seconded by Mr. Hirst and
resolved—That that part of the Report be adopted, and it was
resolved accordingly.
tenders from auctioneers.
Moved by Mr. Padfield and seconded by Mr. Henley—
That that part of the Report be adopted.
Moved by Mr. Richardson and seconded by Mr. J. Brown
as an amendment—That the matter be referred back, and
that sealed tenders be invited, and presented to, and opened
before the Vestry.
Moved by Mr. Peacock seconded and resolved—That the
names of the several persons written to be at once read.
The names were then read by the Clerk.
The Chairman then submitted the amendment to a show
of hands and declared it lost.
The Chairman then submitted the resolution for the
adoption of that part of the Report, and declared it carried,
and it was resolved accordingly.
The Clerk then read a statement containing the names of
all the persons written to, and the result of the application,
as follows:
Bassett, W. J. & Co., 174, Jubilee Street; 2\ per cent, on
realization, and all out of pocket expenses.
Christian, E., 384, Commercial Road ; 5 per cent, on £100
and 2½ per cent. on balance, and out ol pocket expenses.
Craske, J. V., 204, Mile End Road ; no reply.
Crowlev, W. H., 162, do. do.
Dale & Trafford, 84, do. 12 Per cent. and
£5 expenses.
Hoffman, W., 436, Mile End Road; no reply.
Huett, S. & Co., 451, do. do.
Israel, J., 5, Cleveland Street j do.
Kettley, E. W., 12, Grove Road; 2½ per cent. and out
of pocket expenses.
Hicks, O., 245, Mile End Road;1½cent. on
(late Lash, J. P.) 188, Burdett Road;

(1) That your Clerk submitted a Financial Statement a copy of which is as follows:

Financial Statement, Thursday, 17th April, 1890.
Balance at Bankers£8,85417
Cheque drawn but not paid. Caston,W6168
Available Balance£8,847411

(2) That your Clerk submitted the following Accounts duly certified and approved, which your Committee recommend for payment, viz:

Tuckwell, T. G. (Oilman)Articles for sewers' men, &c.£4110
Ditto Stables81210
Ditto Vestry Hall2180
One quarter to Lady Day16110
Edie, H. & CoGully grates and frames23118
East London WaterWater for urinals6120
Works Co.Ditto Vestry Hall116
Ditto Stables2166
Ditto Riga Wharf130
Ditto Recreation Grounds176
One quarter to Lady Day1306
Taylor, Dr. T For payment to medical practitioners for (Medical Officer of Health) notification of infectious diseases, 112 cases, one quarter to Lady Day, 31st ult.1306