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Mile End 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hamlet of Mile End Old Town]

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7 JANUARY, 1891.
(c) Nos. 2 to 34, Frederick Place; and 4, St. Helen's
Terrace, (Mile End Road)—
To disconnect the down pipes or sinks from direct commucation
with the drains thereat.
(d) No. 4, St. Helen's Terrace, (Mile End Road)—
To disconnect the stack pipes from direct communication
with the drain thereat.
(e) No. 5, Wade's PlaceTo
repair dilapidated walls of closet thereat.
(f) No. 8, Wade's Place—
To properly trap the yard gully thereat.
(g) Nos. 1, 2, Wade's Place; and 132, Mile End Road—
To properly pave the yards thereat.
(h) Nos. 1 to 5, 7 and 8, Wade's Place—
To provide receptacles for the dust for the use of the tenants
(i) Nos. 5 and 9, Wade's Place—
To cleanse and purify such houses.
(j) No. 4, Wade's Place—
To cleanse walls and ceiling of kitchen thereof.
(4) That your Committee resolved to recommend—That proceedings
be taken against the owners of such of the houses
and premises who fail to carry out the orders of your Board
for performance of sanitary works thereat within fourteen
days from the service of the notice, and that the Chairman
sign the necessary orders in each particular case, empowering
the Inspector of Nuisances for the district in which the premises
are situate, to make complaints and take proceedings
on behalf of the Vestry.
(5) That your Committee resolved to recommend—That advertisements
be issued inviting tenders for the performance of
Jobbing Sewers' work of Vestry for one year.
(6) That your Sanitary Inspectors reported that since the last
meeting, the following works had been performed, viz. :
Number of houses inspected 102
Water supply provided to closets 49
Water supply for domestic purposes separated
from cisterns which supply the closets 4
Drains cleansed 9
Drains flushed 3
Drains tested 5
Houses disinfected 11
Receptacles for dust provided 11

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Jutsum, M. (Clerk)Payment of fees to medical practitioners for notification of infectious diseases, 297 cases34100
Crompton,R.F. (Rgstrar.)Copies of entries of Births and Deaths, one qr.4137
Ratcliff, J. B. {Ditto)Ditto297
Wheatley, E. S.Printing4286
Scott, T. GAdvertisements1617