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Mile End 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hamlet of Mile End Old Town]

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17 DECEMBER, 1890.
1 he Metropolitan Public Gardens Association,
“ 83, Lancaster Gate, W.
“September 24th, 1890.
“ Dear Sir,
“ This Association has constantly been planting
“ Plane trees in various Metropolitan thoroughfares, and
“ several local authorities have shown their appreciation
“ of our efforts by contributing tree-guards, soil, &c.,
“ thus materially lessening the cost to us and making our
“ money go further.
“ By way of encouraging other local authorities to
“ take this matter up for themselves, I am directed to
“ ask, whether your Vestry would agree during the
“ coming season, to expend one hundred pounds, which
“ the Association, if its funds permit, would hand over to
“ it, in the careful planting of good Plane trees, with the
“ needful guards, soil, &c., in suitable public roads in
“ your district, as far as the money lasted; and would
“ further agree to maintain such trees for the future, re“
placing any that might die from injury or otherwise.
“ The Association would also ask the Vestry to furnish
“ an account showing how the ^100 has been expended.
“ We limit the trees to Plane trees only, as we have
“ found by experience they are best suited for London
“ requirements.
“ If the Vestry did not care to undertake the work
“ itself, would it” allow us to do it, if our funds permit,
“ the Vestry in that case merely agreeing to maintain
“ and re-place. But the Vestry having appliances on the
“ spot, could perhaps do more with the money than
“ could we.
“ As the Autumn, the most suitable season for planting
“ is approaching, an early reply will oblige
“ Yours faithfully,
(Signed) “ BASIL HOLMES,
“ Secretary.
" The Clerk of the Vestry of
" Mile End Old Town."
and your Committee resolved to recommend—That the offer
be accepted, and that such trees be planted in part of Burdett
Road (North End), in the triangular piece of ground opposite
Stepney Meeting House, and triangular piece of ground
Stepney Green.
(3) That your Committee considered a further letter from
Messrs. Ham mack & Lambert as follows;

(2) That your Clerk submitted the following Accounts duly certified and approved which your Committee recommend for payment, viz.:

Gt. Eastern Railway Co.Carriage of—
Tees Scoriae Blocks1556
East London Water Works Co.Water for roads for season33873
Tees Scoriæ Brick Co.Blocks4503
Garden & Co.Colza oil542
Gingell, J. Son, & CruickshankFodder272113
Skelton, T. & Co.Oats, 100 quarters9000
East J.Timber1598
Allars Bros.Barrows and ladders690
Ginn, D. G.Scoops189
Clemens, W. Abell &, Co.Repairs to sweeping machine150
Killwick, D.Linoleum in Vestry Hall and offices, and repairs to furniture231710
Rice, II. & Co.Matting and mat for Vestry Hall (entrance)2160
Muller, L. & Co.Name-plates for streets16310
Byford, J.Lime and cement261011
West, J.Tarpaulin, &c.268
Stephings, J.Timber1104
Girling, J. & H.Coals for Establishment (2 tons)2120

That your Committee resolved to recommend—That a cheque for £318 14s. be drawn in favour of the London County Council for one quarter's interest on following loans, due 1st prox., viz.:

On £1,140 balance of loan of .£4,000£12166
„ 3,7 50 „ „ 25,0003667
,, 900 „ „ 2,000889
„ 1,459 „ „ 2,250
„ 4,875 „ „ 6,500
„ 750 „ „ 1,000
„ 2,125 „ „ 2,500
„ 6,300 „ „ 7,000
„ 10,000
„ 4,332 balance of loan of 5,000