London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Mile End 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hamlet of Mile End Old Town]

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(2)That Your Clerk submitted the following Amounts duly

certified and approved which your Committee recommend for payment, viz.:

Crompton, R. F.Copies of entries of births and deaths, one
{Registrar)quarter to Michaelmas last31311
Ratcliff, J. B. [Ditto)Ditto276
Relieving OfficersRemoval of cases of infectious diseases to hospital, Six months to Michaelmas last ...600
Harland, R. H. (Analyst)Thirty-four Analyses17170
Wright, E. & F.Deodorising frames and covers and air shafts1620
Knight, J. M. (Surveyor)For payment for refreshments for No. 3 Committee—One survey, June 17th2100
,, July 16th2150
,, July 29th2150
Ditto for Dusting and Cleansing Committee—One survey, July '29th2100
Keens, E.Greenmeat3370
Shove, Mrs. M. A.Bran10100
Crow, E. & SonGlazing repairs at stables, &c.326
Tuck well, T. G.Oilmen's articles for stables, one quarter to Michaelmas last3155
Cole, T. & W.Smiths' work730
Jarvis, T.Wheeling and tyreing, one quarter to Michaelmas last221310
East London WaterWorks Co.Water for urinals, one quarter to Michaelmas last7190
DittoDitto, for stables and Riga Wharf71110
,, Recreation Grounds5124
,, Vestry Hall1166
Half-year to Michaelmas last1508
Gardner, H. J. & Co.Hire of horses, carts and drivers, one quarter to Michaelmas last47136
Caton, H.W. (Vety.Srgn.)Medical attendance to and shoeing of horses, one quarter to Michaelmas last3500
Ruston, J.Keeping three slop carts in repair as per contract, six months to August 16th last726
Rathbone, E. & SonOats, 100 quarters93150
Gardner, T. & Co.Small coals5140
Whittingham, T.Harness and repairs, one quarter to Michaelmas last17190
Smith, A.Brooms, dittooO12U
Gt. Eastern Railway Co.Carriage of paving blocks30113
,, refuse104199135110