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Mile End 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hamlet of Mile End Old Town]

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24 SEPTEMBER, 1890.

New paving (for repairs) and Tees Scoriæ Bricks550
Ditto for part of new works already ordered by Vestry1,000
Fuel for roller30
Smiths' work120
Oil and candles15
Name plates20
Plumbers' work12
Gas to establishment20
lighting. Lighting for public lamps£1,850
New lamp posts30

(3) That your Medical Officer of Health brought up and read a
Report for which your Committee beg to refer your Board to
his Report Book.
That your Medical Officer reported as follows:
" During the seven weeks ending September 6th, the
" number of Births was 527 : the number of Deaths from
" all causes was 308 ; 98 occurring in the Western district,
" 168 in the Eastern district, and 42 in the outlying
" Institutions, giving a death-rate equal to 19.7 per 1,000
"per annum: that of the Metropolis being 18.9 for the
" same period."
and your Committee resolved to recommend—That the same
be received.
(4) That on the 14th day of August last, two members of your
Committee, viz.: Messrs. Coker and Birks, together with your
Medical Officer of Health, and Mr. Cox (Inspector of
Nuisances), visited a number of houses in the West Ward
believed to have underground rooms used as sleeping apartments
in contravention of the Act of Parliament, and found
indisputably that such was the fact.
That your Committee pursuant to the authority of your
Board, forthwith caused notices to be served, requiring the
and occupiers to discontinue the using of such rooms as
sleeping apartments.
That on the 18th September, Mr. Birks a member of your
Committee, together with your Medical Officer and Mr. Cox,
again visited the premises, and found that notwithstanding the
notices served, underground rooms in the following houses
were used as sleeping apartments, viz.:
No. 6, Greenfield Street.
,,14, ,,,,
No. 24, Plummers Row. „ 15, „ „
„ 43, Yalford Street. „ 85, „ „
,, 86, ,,
,, 88, ,, ,,
Your Committee therefore beg to recommend—That the
proceedings prescribed by the Act of Parliament be taken
against the owners and occupiers offending.