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Mile End 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hamlet of Mile End Old Town]

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(2) That having regard to the Report of your Surveyor your
Committee resolved to recommend—That a contract be
entered into for supply of 10,000 feet of 3 inch York paving,
and that advertisements inviting tenders be issued; the
estimated cost being £300.
(3) That your Committee considered a letter of the 20th June
last from the London County Council as follows:
" London County Council,
" Spring Gardens, S.W.
20th June, 1890.
J.C. 18:6.
" Sir,
" Referring to previous correspondence on
" the subject of widening Ben Jonson Road, I am directed
"by the Improvements Committee to inform you that if
"the Vestry of Mile End Old Town will, under its
" powers, carry out the widening of the road at the
" Stepney Green end, the Committee will be prepared to
" recommend the Council to contribute towards the cost.
" Should the Vestry decide to do this, it must please
" submit plans and estimates in the usual way.
" I am, &c.,
(Signed) "H. DE LA HOOKE,
" Clerk of the Council.
" The Clerk of
"The Vestry of Mile End Old Town.
and your Committee resolved to recommend–That the
London County Council be informed, m reply to their letter
of the 20th June, 1890, that this Vestry would be willing to

(2) That at a previous meeting your Clerk submitted the following Accounts duly certified and approved which your Committee recommend for payment, viz.:

East, J.Timber10149
Ginn, D. G.Ironmongery18187
Shelitoe, E.Timber6187
Mumford, M. J.Fodder140118
Fox, W. & Co.Repairs to sieves5130
Shorland, A.Hose and shirts for sewers men400
Burnett & Co.Disinfectants14150
Walden, H. W. & Co.Flushing hose1150
Hart, H.Sewer rods, &c.813
Smith, T. & SonOil, &c., for paint706
Tees Scoriæ Brick Co.Blocks331711
Feunings, R. L. & J.On account of contract for 1.500 tons of broken Guernsey granite24479
Gt. Eastern Railway Co.Carriage of refuse3586
,, blocks1181
Gas and water to Mile End Dust Wharf1150
Matthew, J.On account of cleaning works at Vestry Hall under contract4000
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