London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Mile End 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hamlet of Mile End Old Town]

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23 JULY, 1890.
(2) That your Surveyor reported that he had had an interview
with Messrs. Allars Bros., with regard to their claim for compensation
for expenses of standing their vans and carts away
from their premises, during the execution of the works at
Harford Street, and that alter such interview he thought the
claim was not unreasonable, and your Committee after further
consideration of the matter, resolved to recommend—That
the £3 asked for be paid Messrs. Allars Bros.; and further,
that the resolution of your Board on the 25th of June, ult.,
be varied accordingly.
(3) That your Committee have inspected the walls of the
Recreation Ground, Stepney Green, and instructed your
Surveyor to procure a price tor performance of certain works
thereat, and your Surveyor now submitted an offer from Mr.
Hawkings to do the work as follows:
"32, Leatherdale Street,
"Mile End, E.
"July 4th, 1890.
"J. M. Knight, Esq.,
"Re Boundary Walls,
"Recreation Ground,
"Stepney Green.
"My Estimate of cost of raking out the defective
"joints and making good the brickwork, and repointing
"ditto with fine mortar gauged with Portland cement
"joints, cut top and bottom to the whole of the external
"walls not previously done, amounts to the sum of
"thirty two pounds.
"Mason work, to cut out defective stone work of
"copings, and provide seventy feet of new ditto, and re"joint
the whole of the remainder, amounts to the sum
"of twenty-two pounds.
"£32 0 0 Brickwork.
22 00 Stonework.
£54 0 0
"Awaiting your instructions,
"I remain, &c.,
(Signed) "S. W. HAWKINGS.''
and your Committee resolved to recommend—That such
offer be accepted.
(4) That your Clerk read a letter from the London County
Council as follows:

(2) That at a previous meeting your Clerk submitted the

following Accounts duly certified and approved which your Committee recommend for payment, viz.:

Jarvis, T.New wheels and tyreing4592
Whittingham, T.Harness and repairs27196
Caton, H. W. (Veterinary Surgeon).Veterinary attendance to and shoeing of horses3830
Shove, Mrs. M. A.Bran13100
Tuckwell, T. G. (Oilman)Articles for Stables774
East, J. ...Timber754
Crow, E. & SonRepairs at Stables and Riga "Wharf, including laying on gas at horsekeepers' dwellings594
Powell, N. J. & Co. ...Stationery2932

That your Committee resolvedto recommend—That cheques be drawn for the usual monthly salaries as follows:

Baxter, A. Superintendent of Labor16134
Cox, C. Sanitary Inspector12100
Greeves, A. Second Assistant Clerk10168