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Mile End 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hamlet of Mile End Old Town]

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9 JULY, 1890. 115
XIIL The Clerk submitted notice from the London County
Council that being aggrieved by the unfairness of the
Valuation of the Vestry Hall being too low, they intend at
the next meeting of the Assessment Committee to object to
the same, and also that they desire the correction to be made
£234 gross and £195 rateable.
Moved by Mr. J. D. Kemp seconded by Mr. Furness—
1 hat the matter be relerred to No. 1 Committee with power
to take what steps may be deemed necessary.
Moved by Mr. Calton seconded by Mr. Henlev as an
a mend men t—That Mr. Jutsum, the Clerk, and Mr. Knight,
the Surveyor, be authorised to attend the Assessment Committee
on behalf of the Vestry, when the matter will be considered.
The amendment was put to a show of hands and declared
carried without a dissentient, and was then put as a substantive
motion and declared carried.
XIV. The Clerk read a letter from the London Trades Council
of the 28th June last, asking information on a number of
points with regard to the persons employed by the Vestry,
the number of hours worked, &c.
The Clerk, pursuant to the resolution of the Vestry at the
last meeting, explained that in April last letters similar in all
respects, except that they were addressed to the Vestry Clerk
and to the Surveyor, were received; and that they were considered
personal communications, and asking for information
which it was beyond the duties of the officers to give.
Moved by Mr. Steadman, seconded by Mr. Browning—
That the information asked for be given.
The motion was put to a show of hands and the Chairman
declared it lost, only four voting in favour.
XV. The Clerk submitted the precept of the School Board for
London for the half year ending 25th March, 1891, amounting
to .£8,479 17s. 4d.
Moved by Mr. Furness seconded by Mr. Coker and resolved
—That it be received and referred to No. 1 Committee to
make the necessary financial arrangements.
XVI. Moved by Mr. Upton seconded by Mr J. D. Kemp and
resolved-That the Vestry at its rising do adjourn until
day fortnight at 7 p.m.

(6) That your Sanitary Inspectors reported that since the last meeting, the following works had been performed, viz. :

Number of houses inspected9265157
Notices served for sanitary works405292
Requests for removal of dust received0039
Complaints received81018
Water supply provided to closets254065
Water supply for domestic purposes separated from cisterns which supply the closets808
Water-closet repaired011
New drains constructed022
Drains cleansed and amended066
Drains cleansed404
Drain flushed101
Smoke test applied to drains022
Areas drained099
Dust receptacles provided066
Houses disinfected3710
Houses cleansed and repaired01414
Offensive accumulation removed011
Statutory proceedings taken and Magistrate's order obtained011
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