London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Mile End 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hamlet of Mile End Old Town]

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110 9 JULY, 1890.
Coker, Burge, K. Bell, Livermore, Robinson, Birks, E. Kemp,
and Lyons.
(1) That your Surveyor brought up and read a Report for
which your Committee beg to refer your Board to his Report
That your Committee beg to report that the St. George in
the East Vestry wished for some alteration in the Memorial
to the London County Council on the subject of the Commercial
Road sewer, sealed by your Board on the 19th
February last.
That such desired alterations raised very important
questions which rendered it necessary to have further conferences
with the Sanitary Committee of St. George in the
That the Committees have arranged the form of the
Memorial to the satisfaction of the joint Committees.
The Memorial was re-ingrossed and sent to the Vestry of
St. George in the East for their seal to be affixed, which was
done, and your Committee now recommend—That the seal
of your Board be affixed to the revised Memorial to the
London County Council 011 the subject of the re-construction
of the Commercial Road sewer.
(2) That your Committee considered a notice from Mr. Bluemel
as to the drainage of new premises in Rose Place, and having
regard to the report of your Surveyor thereon, your Committee
resolved to recommend—That 60 feet of pipe sewer
be laid in Rose Place, Globe Road, the estimated cost
being £ 10.
(3) That your Surveyor reported that he had received notices
from the following persons of their intention to drain the
following houses and premises into the sewers, viz.:
Harris & Wardrop “Coopers' Arms,“ Oxford Street.
Barker, G. No. 32, New Road.
and that on behalf of your Board he had given such directions
with respect to the same as appear in his books and the plans
Your Committee approved of his proceedings and submit
same for confirmation by your Board.
(4) That your Medical Officer of Health brought up and read
a Report for which your Committee beg to refer your Board
to his Report Book.
That your Medical Officer reported as follows :
“ During the fortnight ending June 21st, the number
“ of Births was 172: the number of Deaths from all
“ causes was 83; 39 occurring in the Eastern district, 33
“ in the Western district, and 11 in the outlying Insti-

Financial Statement, Thursday, 3rd July, 1890.

Balance at Bankers£4,354141
Cheques drawn but not paid.
Scott, W. T£7132
Girling, J. & H2120
Tyrrell, Mrs. J. S.4500
Rollinson, Mrs. M. A.3100
Great Eastern Ry. Co.3150
Carpenters' Co16100
Available Balance£4,248311

(2) That Your Clerk submitted the following Accounts duly certified and approved which your Committee recommend for Payment, viz.:

Gt. Eastern Railway Co.Carriage of refuse£191711
Regent's Canal, City and Docks Railway Co.Dredging lay-by at Mile End Dust Wharf1070
Commercial Gas Co.Gas to Vestry Hall and Shed£1191
Ditto to Riga Wharf and Stables13148
Fox, W. & Co.Repairs to sieves580
Palmer, A.Two horses12600
Knight, J. M. (Surveyor)For payment of commission for sale of dust12810
Gardner, T.Contribution towards cost of erection of party wall at Mile End Dust Wharf, as agreed1000
Hawkings, S. W.Jobbing sewers' work259116
Hollington, A. J. & G.Two suits for disinfecting man2176
Burnett & Co.Disinfectants8150
Paton & CharlesCarbolic soap120
Tuckwell, T. G.Oilman's articles (sewers, &c.)£838
Ditto for Vestry Hall1210