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Mile End 1882

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hamlet of Mile End Old Town]

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in some of the wards. Circulars were sent to all the medical
practitioners on two or three separate occasions, and measures
vigorously taken, the details of which may be found in your Medical
Officer's long special report, which, conveying as it does a portion
of the succeeding year, can only be touched upon here. A tabular
statement of the work done, and the serious nature of the occasion,
is appended. It would be difficult, says the report, to estimate the
disease prevented and the valuable lives saved by the prompt measures
taken. Ordinary inspections were this year made in Essexstreet,
Heath-street, Charlotte-street, Antcliff-street, Henry-street,
Ben Jonson-road, Raven's-row, Silver-street, Oxford-street, Patterson-street,
Robert's-place, Bow-common-lane, Exmouth-street,
Copley-street, and Burdett-road. Most of these cases were of
overcrowding, defective sanitation, and trade nuisances. The
ministers of religion, to a considerable extent, and the Charity
Organization Society, co-operated with the Guardians,
Visiting Inspectors. No. of Houses inspected. New cases of smll-pox discovr'd Cases sent to Hospital. Cases attended priv'tely. Non-vaccination. dust complaints. Drains and general complaints.
Mr. Weston 4420 41 113 74 343 344 299
Mr. Moore 576 2 9 8 16 15 27
Mr Bonfield 1050 18 15 6 66 176 65
Totals 6046 61 137 88 425 535 391
house to
house and
Small-pox and typhoid fever still prevailed to a serious extent
this year, rendering the utmost vigilance still necessary. Numerous
reports are among the records of 1878, containing details concerning
house-to-house visitation, schools visitations, and proceedings
under the Artizans and Labourers' Dwellings Act.
Inspection was made of cow sheds and slaughterhouses, and
some alleged tainted food. Ordinary visits were paid in Ben Jonsonroad,
Eagle-place, Charles-street, Redman's-row, Yalford-street,
Harford-street, Longnor-road, and Essex-street; mostly cases,
as before, of overcrowding. Measures for removing rubbish, &c.,
were considered throughout the Hamlet. For further particulars,
which are very extensive, reference may be made to the special
reports of the year, in one of which reference is made to your
Surveyor Mr. Knight's ingenious and effective fumigating and disinfecting
apparatus. The Board School in Harford Street, was