London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Mile End 1882

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hamlet of Mile End Old Town]

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East London
reported by the Metropolitan Board of Works, notice was sent to
each proprietor of cows in the Hamlet, cautioning against the use
of the cows' milk in any suspected cases. The East London
Company's water supply was reported on during the year from
month to month, A special ward was provided for small-pox
patients, all the hospitals being full. The records of this year are
very full of small-pox reports, and a number of cases of enteric
fever occurred. A tabular Statement is appended, affording a classified
view of the cases removed to Hospitals. Representations were
made to the East London Water Works Company on the danger
to the public health arising from withdrawing the water supply, in
consequence of non-payment of rent, which had been done in 39
cases within a period of eight weeks. Several instances occurred
of dead bodies, unburied within a reasonable time, being summarily
removed. The water of the Regent's Canal was reported on.
Notices were served upon parents of unvaccinated children, a list
being supplied to the vaccination officer. The following places
were visited, principally in re-drainage and nuisances:—Burdettroad,
Rhodeswell-road, James-street, Skidmore-street, Ernest-street,
Settles-street, Weighbridge-place, Redman's-road, Myrdle street,
Rutland-street, Charles-street, Jamaica-street, St. Peter's-road,
Coborn-road, King-street, Diggon-street, Wellesley-street, Commercial-road,
Globe-road, Jubilee-street, York-place, Harfordstreet,
and Yalford-street. Cow sheds were inspected.

List of cases of Small-pox removed to Hospital in which the rooms, bedding, &c., were disinfected by the Vestry during the epidemics of 1871-2, 1877-8, and 1880-1:—

Streets.1871 18721877 18781880 1881Streets.1871 18721877 18781880 1881
Albion cottages....1Bromehead street141
Antcliff street....1Bradwell street..4..
Arbour street12..Brunswick place..5..
Alias road512Bohn street....1
Albert street231Ben Jonson road..5..
Alma road122„ square..3..
Ann streetl12Baker street..22
Antill road....1Bermuda street..1..
Alfred street..3..Cecil street2....
Argyle road..11Charles street5136
Bloomfield roadl11Clarke street413
„ terracel....Carlton road12..
Burdett road25..Calverley street11..
Bancroft road26..Cologne street3....
Bedford street111Canal road331
Bridge street214Church path1....
Bow common lane132Canal place1..2
Bale street111Cleveland street1..1