London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Mile End 1878

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hamlet of Mile End Old Town]

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But very small new works have been done under this
this head, but you have on hand a work of some importance
in Oxford Street and Richardson Street, which
is the first section of the reconstruction of a sewer which
has been in an unsatisfactory state for many years.
The are still some old sewers out of use, which are
a source of annoyance to the inhabitants of the streets
in which they exist, owing I believe principally to the
large number of rats bred in them, and I shall be glad,
as soon as your funds will permit, to demolish them.
The total cost of cleansing, flushing and maintaining
sewers during the year has been £813 8 2
The cost of the new work has been 230 9 7
£1043 17 9
The following Table will show the quantity of each
description of sewer constructed during the year :—
15-in. pipe 224 feet
12 „ 430 „
9 „ 174 „
Sixty-three houses have been connected with the
sewers during the year.
I regret to say, that the low lying portions of the
district were again flooded by heavy storms which occurred
during the spring and summer of last year, and
much damage was done to underground rooms and
cellars; the cause of the flood being the inability of
the main sewers to carry off the storm water. It was


Horse Hire and Labor lor Cleansing2515511Horse Hire and Labor for Cleansing189275Horse Hire and Labor for Cleansing Roads for the six months ending Sept. 29th, 187881046
Ditto for Drawing Materials32632Ditto for Drawing Materials523147
Scavenging Roads and Rent of Stone Yard1184119Scavenging Roads and Rent of Stone Yard and Riga Wharf1272110Keep of Horses and Labor for Cleansing Roads for the six months ending on March 25th, 187911999
Barge Hire and Canal Dues for removing Street Refuse205173
Drawing Materials49082
Scavenging Roads and Rent of Riga Wharf12711611