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Mile End 1875

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hamlet of Mile End Old Town]

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Abstract of General Purposes Account.

For the year ending 25th March, 1876.

Amount received on Calls made upon Overseers1955000Cleansing, Scavenging and Incidental Expenses1556195
Removal of Dust...129518
Amount received from Overseers, being the amount collected by them to the 25th March, 1875, in excess of the amount of precepts issued to them by the Vestry141494Making-up and repairing roads and footpaths,including materials and incidental expenses707798
Paving Works under contract3492167
Water for Roads ...363159
Water carts, and repairs to water carts, hydrants, &c35108
Amount received from the Metropolitan Board of Works, being the amount agreed to be contributed towards the cost of widening South Grove5000
Rent of Wharf10000
Interest on debt transferred to Commercial Road Trustees102198
Repayment off principal of above debt613137
Amount received from owners of property in Emmott Street for paving such street216128Interest on balance of Loan of £4000 from the Star Life Assurance Society, for the Vestry Hall50116
The like from owners of Copperfield Road3461211Fifteenth Instalment of the principal of above Loan20000
Amount received from Regent's Canal Company for two years' maintenance of road over and on each side of bridge in Mile End Road5000Interest on balance of Loan of £1600 from the Star Life Assurance Society for White Horse Lane improvement44126
Eighth Instalment of the principal of above Loan10000
Amount received from Police Courts for fines &c.726Interest on Balance of Loan of £25000 from the Metropolitan Board of Works, for paving Mile End and Commercial Roads1125134
Repayment of Second Instalment of ditto Printing and Stationery1250 770 00 10
Carried forward £Carried forward £ D
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