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Mile End 1875

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hamlet of Mile End Old Town]

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Under the Act of Parliament the amount to be paid
to the School Board has to be collected in the General
Rate. In the £
The General Rate for the year has amounted to Is. 6d.
The Lighting Rate Os. 3d.
The Sewer (excluding Consolidated Rate) Os. 2d.
Making a total of 1s. l1d.
But if from this be taken 3d. in the £ for the School
Board, it will give the amount required for Vestry
purposes proper 1s. 8d in the £, which is identical with
that of last year.
This enables the Vestry to do all its works and keep
down the interest and instalments of the various loans.
The amount of the loans will be seen on reference to
the Abstract of Accounts.
The Poor Rate has amounted to 2s. 1d. in the £.
In the present Session of Parliament the Great
Eastern Railway Company have had a bill for the
widening of their line, and the Vestry determined, if
possible, to obtain an improvement of the Bridges over
the principal thoroughfares in the Hamlet. The matter
was hardly fought before the Committee of the House
of Commons, and ultimately a provision was inserted
that upon this Vestry and the Vestry of Bethnal Green
each contributing £500 towards the expenses the
Company are, when executing the work, to pull down
the old bridge over Grove Road, and construct the
whole of a width of 40 feet with a 15 feet headway,
Various other provisions, such as lighting, &c., have
been obtained, which will vastly improve the thoroughfare
under various bridges.
The road called Medway Road being situate partly
in this Hamlet and partly in Bethnal Green with the
boundary running through it longitudinally, the Metropolitan
Board of Works made an order under the Act

over that of last year, and for the general information the Vestry beg to give the amounts of the various precepts received from that Board since its institution.

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