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St Giles (Camberwell) 1879

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Camberwell]

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Table IV.— RETURN OF WORKS CARRIED OUT FROM THE 26th MARCH, 1879, TO THE 25th MARCH, 1880, (inclusive).

Description of Work.Inspectors.Total
Houses inspected265028112552315111164
Notices served, 1st802104459410983538
„ 2nd37355349174
Drains cleansed and repaired143188104252687
„ trapped11213123225491
Cesspools Emptied5518230
„ abolished5592140
Closets provided35611759
„ cleansed and repaired178485528309
„ water laid on to8523673173121348
Houses cleansed62182111160515
„ repaired953530173333
Water supplied to houses852079118
Cisterns supplied17012920104423
Cisterns covered and repaired4556179115395
Dust-bins provided135231187329882
Houses drained into Sewer551310382253
Yards paved18316...37
„ drained12185515100
Cow-houses inspected1013402386
Slaughter-houses inspected151211745
Bake-houses inspected42333147153
Overcrowding abated61...613
Manure, foul accumulations, &c., removed35113776159
Pigs removed1...157
Urinals cleansed46121234
Miscellaneous complaints attended to10280154270606
Water supply—complaints of deficiency of13.........13
Notices outstanding1232311691
Houses in which structural alterations were made, under Artizans' Dwellings Act.........55
Sale of Food and Drugs Act, 1875, and Amended Act, 1879
Samples submitted for Analysis48625863231
Summonses under the above Act91614948
Cases of Small Pox attended to27104615345
Cases of Scarlet Fever attended to641228281339
Cases of Fever attended to5101925
Cases of Diphtheria attended to32113239
Houses disinfected4712599104375
Lodging Houses inspected...11...217228
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