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St Giles (Camberwell) 1859

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Camberwell]

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Name of Contractor.Nature of Contract.Term.Price.
William PikeWatering RoadsMarch to Michaelmas, 185935s. per Mile per Week
William JonesDittoDitto36s. Ditto
John FaceyDittoDitto28s. Ditto
William JonesDittoDitto30s. Ditto
John NessDittoDitto30s. Ditto
Colonel ConstableDittoDitto32s. Ditto
Henry BoothMason and Paviour's WorkOctober, 1889Works in Kent Road as per Schedule
Henry BoothDittoTo Michaelmas, 1860As per Schedu'e
C. H. AcockBricklayer's WorkDittoDitto
Henry BartlettCarpenter's WorkDittoDitto
William JonesCartageDittoDitto
R. BurleySmith and IronmongeryDittoDitto
William WoodCroydon Gravel, Flints, &c,DittoDitto
G. W. FullerKentish RagDittoDitto
Mowlem & CoGuernsey GraniteDittoDitto
C. RossBombay GraniteDittoDitto
Messrs. Billing & SonPrinting and StationeryDittoDitto
Ebenezer WoodRemoval of Dust, Ashes, &cFrom 4th February, 1860£95 for the year
William KentWorks executed inclusive of Works incidental to Flushing and Cleansing Sewers, constructing and repairing Gullies, &c., and the supply of all Labor and Materials necessary for the sameFrom Michaelmas, 1859, to Michaelmas, 1860As per Schedule
Messrs. Morris & ElackmoreSewer Works executed in High Street, Peckham, Meeting-house Larie, Peckham, Peckham Rye, Common, &c,March, 1859£880
Thomas MorrisSewer Work in Marlboro' Road, PeckhamNovember, 1859£61 1s. 5d.
Thomas BlackmanSewer Work in Atwell Road, PeckhamFebruary, 1860£153 5s. 7d.
Mr. ColeSewers Work in Pomeroy Street, PeckhamJuly, 1859£243 18s. 10d.
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