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St Giles (Camberwell) 1859

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Camberwell]

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provided, and 62 supplied with water; 307 drains have been
trapped or amended; 78 houses have had water laid on for
drinking purposes; 56 dust-bins have been erected; and 50
yards paved or amended.
In addition to the above, 1358 nuisances arising from pigs,
accumulations of dung, ashes, refuse, and sundry other matters
have been removed or ameliorated; the various mews have been
systematically reported on, and cleared of rubbish; and the
slaughter houses in the parish, 43 in number, have been regularly
inspected ; and when necessary, have been cleansed and whitewashed,
or had the paving amended, or other repairs executed.
In the carrying out of the above works, it was deemed necessary,
in 6 instances only, to apply for summonses; and in three
cases, at my recommendation, applications for the licensing of
slaughter houses were withdrawn.
Several trades—nuisances also of more or less importance
have been from time to time brought under the notice of the
sanitary committee; the most important of which (one arising
in the manufacture of Ostend butter from melted fat) was driven
from the neighbourhood, in consequence of proceedings taken
before the magistrate.
I have continued to lay before you monthly analyses of the
waters supplied by the water companies; the result of which
has been still to shew that the fluid which you receive from
them is reasonably pure and wholesome.
Lastly, in consequence of the frequent out-breaks of smallpox,
to which this parish, together with other districts of
London, has been subject, I instituted (in conjunction with the
district vaccinators) towards the close of the year, whose proceedings
this report embraces, an examination of the children of
the various charity schools throughout the parish. This work,