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St Giles (Camberwell) 1857

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Camberwell]

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Name of Contractor.Nature of Contract.Term.Price.
Crystal Palace Gas CompanyGas£5 5s.
Robert SmithRemoval of Ashes, Dust, &c.From 29th Sept., 1857, to 29th Sept., 1858£100 to be paid to Mr. Smith by quarterly instalments
Phoenix Gas CompanyGasFrom Lady-Day, 1857, to Midsummer, 1858£4 15s. per Lamp.
DittoDittoFrom Midsummer, 1857, to Lady-Day, 1858Columns £5 when purchased
Mr. BrownWatering RoadsFrom Lady-Day, to Michaelmas, 185730s, per week, per mile
Mr. NessDittoDitto28s. ditto ditto
Mr. ConstableDittoDitto30s. ditto ditto
Mr. JonesDittoDitto20s. ditto ditto
Mr. Eli RichardsInclosing Camberwell Green, according to SpecificationTo complete the Enclosure on or before the 24th June last; in default to pay a Fine of £5 a Week, Sureties to forfeit £300, with power for the Vestry to complete the Work, and charge the Contractor with the Expense.£1184 5s.
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J. C. REYNOLDS, Surveyor.

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