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St Giles (Camberwell) 1857

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Camberwell]

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the drainage communicating therewith diverted into the deep
Sewer, thereby removing at once the double evil of the
nuisance from the existence of the old Sewer, and the frequent
and useless expense of repairs thereto.
The repair, re-construction, and trapping of a number of
Road Gullies have been found necessary, being from their
original construction quite unsuited to be connected with
Sewers and Drains conveying Sewage matter. Many of these
Road Gullies have direct shoots into the Sewers without Sand
Traps or Receivers. Consequently the Drains become stopped
up by the Road Silt flowing into them. To remove which
entails considerable expense; it therefore becomes a matter of
economy in all such cases to provide proper receivers for the
Road deposit, so that it may be speedily and cheaply
The subjoined table will show the operations of the
Vestry in regard to House Drainage. In all cases when
application is made in respect to either new or old property,
the drainage is communicated immediately with a Sewer,
should a Sewer exist, or if not, into properly constructed cesspools,
as a temporary drainage until Sewerage Works are
constructed in the vicinity. The same course is also pursued

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