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St Giles (Camberwell) 1857

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Camberwell]

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of Works, "at once to arch over this Sewer," will be successful;
the importance of which Work in a Sanitary point of view
cannot be disputed, inasmuch, that its present offensive condition
goes fur to neutralise the beneficial effects of the Local
Works already executed by this Vestry.
These Works have, as usual, been carried on by your staff
of workmen employed for such purposes, and upon the present
condition of which I am enabled to report satisfactorily. The
Park Road Sewer has been recently cleansed throughout, in
anticipation of the proposed new works before referred to,
also the deep Sewer along the Peckham Road to Camberwell
Green, which has been cleansed along its whole length and the
solid deposit therein removed by casting, that is, by raising the
heavy matter to the surface and carting it away. This work
was rendered expedient through an improvement recently executed
by the Metropolitan Board of Works by lowering the
invert of the deep Sewer in the High Road, next Camberwell
Green, the effect of which will be, now that the solid deposit
is removed, that no such accumulation can again occur, as
there will be an uninterrupted flow of the Sewage along the
whole of this line of Sewer extending from Bethwin's Bridge,
at the Parish boundary in the Camberwell Road, to the junction
with the Main Sewer, in Peckham High Street, at the
end of Rye Lane, under the jurisdiction of the Central Board,
consequently occasional flushing, which previously was not

the length of new Sewers executed (with Works incidental thereto) is as follows:—

Brck Sewers5 0 Barrel20
4 . 0 Ditto398
2.9 Barrel198
1.6 Ditto60
Pipe Sewers12" Pipe3306
9" Ditto346
4673 feet.
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