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Hackney 1966

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hackney]

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In January, 1966, the Medical Research Council issued its report on the
investigation of measles vaccines carried out in 1964/65, in which this Department
and the former London County Council Division 4 took part.
This was followed by a Ministry Circular which stated that the Joint
Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation had accepted that the vaccination
programme used in the trials was effective and acceptable but that it was premature
to embark on any general programme of measles vaccination.
The Council sought formal approval from the Ministry to add protection
against measles to its immunisation scheme and this was received in September.
It is hoped to make arrangements in 1967 to offer measles vaccination at welfare
centres and, via general practitioners, for selected children and to stock the
vaccine required.
The long-term follow-up of children included in the Medical Research Council
enquiry continued and some assistance with this was given by the Department.

Completed Primary Courses

Type of vaccine or doseYear of birthTotal
Diphtheria2, 2921, 8921318073181131144,794
Whooping Cough2, 2601,8721247847511974,458
Tetanus2, 2921,89313180731861941835,032
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Reinforcing Injections/Doses

Diphtheria81,4931, 5182321891,73741975,603
Whooping Cough81,4701,50421712013210Nil3,461
Tetanus91, 4931,5182321861,736425575,656
Poliomyelitis573159801, 545457302, 214
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Smallpox Vaccinations

Age0 - 3 months3- 6 months6 - 9 months9-12 months1 year2-4 years5 - 14 years15 years and overTotal
Primary vaccinations62829122,0738212547774,000
Re-vaccinationsNilNilNilNil6314723, 3833,892
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